Courtesy Patrol

Rest easy: MPS has your property covered overnight.

Protect your property after hours — between 7:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. — with uniformed Security Officers from MPS. We can customize a cost-effective courtesy patrol solution that meets your specific needs:

Immediate Call Response

MPS Security Officers will respond immediately to calls involving vagrants on your premises, vandalism, noise, smoking, unauthorized parking and other disturbances.

Lock & Unlock Service

MPS Security Officers will open and close your entrances — and test your alarms — according to your specifications.

House Rule Enforcement (Residential)

MPS Security Officers will enforce community policies relating to curfew, swimming, noise, smoking, etc.

Overnight Inspections

MPS-branded vehicles will visit your property as many times as you specify to perform various requested tasks. MPS Security Officers will inspect your vulnerable areas, including building and fence perimeters, doors, windows and common areas. They’ll also identify suspicious activity and make contact with unauthorized individuals on your property.

Light Outage Reports

A well-lit facility is a more secure facility. MPS Security Officers will report any exterior fixtures that need replacing.

Daily Patrol Logs

MPS Security Officers document all their activity using a computerized terminal. Each morning, you’ll receive a Daily Patrol Log that details what happened on your property the night before, including any safety or maintenance issues that require attention.

Parking Enforcement

MPS Security Officers will enforce all parking rules and regulations, and work with designated towing companies to remove unauthorized vehicles.

Let MPS give you the peace of mind you and your tenants deserve.

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